Reducing food waste one slice at a time

Pg1 infographic 50% food waste reduction aus and usainfographic 50% reduction food waste aus usa

1 – National Food Waste Data Assessment by Mason et al (2011)
2 – Australian Bureau of Statistics (2015)
3 – Food waste in the garbage bin 2013, Sustainability Victoria (2014)
4 – Food Systems and Environment Sustainability: a review of the Australian evidence, Australian National University (2011)
5 – Calculated using Australia Bureau Statistics (2015)
5 – Calculated using EPA US Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

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[…] Watch my Waste has found that Australian’s waste 7,500,000 kgs of food every year, that’s nearly 1 kg per person every day, costing the average household up to $2000 a year. Household food waste can be reduced through meal planning, shopping lists, appropriate portion sizes, composting in home or community compost bins, and donating edible and unused food to neighbours or community groups. […]