We dream of a world where food is enjoyed but not wasted.

Watch My Waste conducts food waste research in the Australian hospitality sector.

mindful eating written on sign amidst fresh vegetables

Australian foodservice businesses such as restaurants and cafes produce over 250,000 tonnes of food waste every year that ends up in landfill. Interim results from RMIT University’s nation-wide Watch My Waste food waste research shows that Australian businesses are throwing away on average 160 grams of food for every person they serve, that’s nearly a steak per person!

There are solutions – and the first one is recognising that food waste exists.

Watch this space for more from Watch My Waste!

Our recent research has included:

  • a national hospitality sector food waste study
  • a consumer eating out food waste study.

Both of these research projects are now closed.

Stay tuned for interim results as they come out!

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