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The Watch My Waste business research explored food waste in the hospitality sector. Reducing food waste in businesses can positively impact on a business’ bottom line and the environment.

The food waste problem in the hospitality sector

Plate waste scrape to binRestaurants and cafes throw away nearly a quarter (23%) of the food they buy for their business.  Wasted food is wasted money to any business.  It also has huge environmental and social impacts.  The amount of greenhouse gas emissions created by food waste going to landfill is 5.25 million metric tonnes of CO2-e every year in Australia – the same amount as that produced by the iron and steel manufacturing industries combined!

Food waste in businesses is usually created by spoilage of food, during preparation of food, and as customer plate waste.  Many foodservice businesses do not know how much food they throw away each week, and thus how much money they are wasting.


RMIT University’s innovative Watch My Waste research project into food waste in the foodservice sector saw businesses measuring their food waste RMIT Logoover time. They also provided operational information to help identify the potential influential factors behind food waste creation.

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The research outcomes

The outcomes of the research will include:

  • a clear picture of the amount of food wasted during different service periods and across spoilage, preparation and customer plate waste,
  • an average of the amount of food wasted by Australian foodservice businesses, and
  • identified factors behind why food waste is occurring, allowing businesses to target problem areas.

This research is now closed. If you have any enquiries, please contact us at: or via the Contact Us form.

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